The Wedding Planner

Today’s simply incredible and hot next door buddies scene is going to leave you with your jaw dropped at the very least. The two guys that are present in this new show are simply superb at playing nasty with one another and you just have to sit back and check them out getting nasty in this week’s scene. As the title mentions, one of the guys is a wedding planner and he is the guy getting that hard cock toyed with in the preview. He gets to play around with this client of his today as he told him straight up that he kind of regrets him getting married without playing with him first for a bit in this nextdoorbuddies scene!


Well, the guy is down to play with him much to his surprise, so the two take a break from the planning to go to the bedroom and enjoy some one on one action. See that hot groom getting down of his knees and pulling down the pants of the guy to whip out his nice and big cock. Right from the start you get to see him wrap those juicy and eager lips around his meat and you can check him out sucking and slurping on his cock with a passion. And he does such a superb job that he nearly makes the guy blow a few times as well today. Well, just take your time to see the two having some nasty fun today and we’ll be back next week with more for you!

Watch here this guy getting his dick sucked!