Next Door Buddies – The Dildo Smuggler

Jarvis Chandler is an outlaw on the loose.  However when he was grabbed with a storage cache of cocaine-stuffed dildo, his good fortune just may have go out. James Jamesson is an investigator who is been assigned to this case. The shady sight, the darting tongue, the jail ink. He isn’t getting a direct story ‘till he fucks it out-literally. As soon as Chandler gets his sweet mouth on that fat dick, his icy fakeness loosens up a bit as his ass becomes longing for a beating from Officer Jamesson. This might be the negotiating chip Jamesson needed. Check if Chandler surrenders other goods in this next door buddies interrogation room bang session.

Well who said you couldn’t use this type on interrogation to get some info. Jarvis was in for the dicking of his life today with this other guy. And as he prides himself on always getting his wrong doers caught, he had no trouble handling Jarvis today. Watch him play the military classified bad cop, and see him bending Jarvis over to get a better look at that hot ant tight little ass. Rest assured that Jarvis enjoyed the dicking quite a lot, and you can see him moaning in pleasure as the guy fucks him doggie style for today’s scene. Have fun and see you next week like usual everyone. Oh! and make sure that you don’t forget to check out the past nextdoorbuddies updates for some more awesome and hot scenes with some more sexy studs!

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Next Door Buddies – I Wanna Be Your Dog

Phillip Aubrey is here to listen is here to obey. He knows tips and does not mind the leash and the collar one bit. Nasty Spencer Reed is an excellent pet owner that feeds his dog all the hard meat he can manage, rubs his belly frequently, and ensures his coat is clean and healthy. After that Spencer screws him on the table and jizz in his mouth. Enjoy the entire next door buddies video inside as you get to see some super special and hot galleries today. So let’s get the video started without further due this time.


We wanted to switch things up a bit for this one and bring you some very hot and sexy scenes with a pair of horny guys engaging in some BDSM scenes for you guys. Watch as this nextdoorbuddies scene has one of the guys all tied up nicely, with the other getting around to doing whatever he wants to him. See the guy that’s tied and blindfolded as he gets to suck some cock, and them see him present the stud with his ass for a proper and hard style fucking this nice afternoon everyone. Like the guys from the military classified site, these hot hunks are crazy about jerking off for the camera! For the end, the two studs get around to do a nice and hot little jerk off contest too, and they end up cumming all over themselves.

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Three’s Cumpany

It is getting pretty ridiculous on this Next Door Buddies video as Jeremy, Paul, and Cameron prepare to start the action. They have each showed up a bit too late for the future scene, so they have chose to make up for it with a three-way fun! Before the passion gets going, watch these sexy studs fooling around a bit with a goofy arm wrestling game and an amusing triple-play butt display. If you have not seen Paul Wagner taking a large cock, you will be delighted when he puts his sexy lips around Jeremy’s heavy boner while Jeremy slurps on Cameron’s hard member. Well let’s get this superb scene started today without further delay.

All three of these guys were all horny and ready to show off their nice and hot bodies to you guys. See them pose and show off their muscled bodies, and then watch them take their spot on the black couch as they seem pretty much eager to get their little naughty show started for this afternoon. Sit back and watch some hot deep throating go down as these studs enjoy one another’s dicks inside their mouths. Watch them fuck one another in the ass too, and see the whole thing end up with some huge jizz loads blasted by all three of the guys today. Like the guys from the FraternityX site, these hot men are crazy about fucking in front of the video cam! Stay tuned for next week and make sure you don’t miss the next update everyone!


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Next Door Buddies – Logan Scott, Paul Wagner

On today’s fresh next door buddies update we have two of our favorites, Logan Scott and Paul Wagner. They are really into each other so the first time they had the chance they put together once great show. Check out these gay dudes in action or similar content at CMNM. Enjoy as these two hunks share this amazing and hot little scene today. Lots of you guys wanted to see Scott and Paul once more, and we came up with this nice idea to pair them up and see what comes out of it. So let’s not waste anymore time to just see what went down with them shall we everyone?

The cameras start rolling, and these two are like made for one another. Sit back and watch magic happen with them as they star in one superb nextdoorbuddies scene today getting to get to penetrate one another’s amazing asses for your viewing pleasure everyone. We bet that you’re eager to see them get to work too. Sit back and watch as sexy Logan and Scott begin their little session with some nice and long blow job sessions until they have each other nice and hard. Then watch as they take turns to fuck each other’s tight asses and enjoy the full fledged anal gay fest that we have for you today. Enjoy the view and we hope to see you again soon.

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Good Little Piggy Boy

Steven Daigle receives a next door buddies letter in which he is informed that he will receive a large cock pounding from his buddies Mr. James Jamesson. He is also informed that he will be ball gagged for a long period of time and cuffed also. The nature of the interaction with his fellows Mr. Jamesson will definitely result in hot sperm spread uniformly around his face and maybe his chest. To be fair, Stephen always likes to be the one taking the submissive role, and in this photo shoot it wasn’t any different. And mister James had a nice and hard core dicking all prepared for him today.


Steven is a cute stud as well and it’s understandable why James wanted to sink his big cock in that tight ass of his today. Watch as the sexy and horny stud Steven gets bent over, and see James come up from behind with his mighty cock sliding it all the way in to his ass today. Sit back and enjoy the balls deep ass fucking that Steven got and see him moan in pleasure while that huge cock stretches out his butt nicely today. Rest assured that we’ll have both of these guys here in another future nextdoorbuddies update, but until then enjoy this one everyone. Like the guys from the site, these hot gay guys are crazy about getting their asses stretched to the limits! So see you next week like always!

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Next Door Buddies In Locker Room

Jay Cloud isn’t happy with his next door buddies in locker room Adam Wirthmore and also Marko Lebeau. They banged Jay’s sweetheart while he was on vacation and Jay decided to get his payback. He is kidnapped, blindfolded along with tied them up therefore he can pour light beer around their bodies.
These buddies, Adam and Marko, have no clue what’s happening. However they are finding out what goes on when Jay gets irritated…the hard approach. Jay slaps both of them with his cock, making them both to blow his hard boner. And when these fellas realize they are going to get shagged good in their tight asses, the interpretation of older4me ‘sweet revenge’ will become delightfully obvious.

Well as you can clearly tell, today you are going to be in for a good time. The three horny studs that are here are sure eager to show off their sexy bodies to you so let’s not waste anymore time to just see them getting to work today, shall we? Rest assured that you will be in for a good nextdoorbuddies show with them today, and soon you’ll be wanting to see more of them. So just sit back and watch as the cute and horny studs have a nice and hard style gay fuck for this whole afternoon. And also don’t miss the torrents of jizz that they unleash by the end of this whole awesome scene everyone!


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Spitshine Clean

Stephen Daigle & Brandon Lewis are planning to sell their ATVs on the web. However, they must be washed and photographed. Brandon has the washing down and Stephen has the digital camera out, however it rapidly becomes obvious that Stephen has some interest in capturing the ATV. Than each of them move inside for a a bit more candid pictures till they just cannot take anymore. With their hard-ons they go at one another in a smutty and hard afternoon bang, before lastly shooting across their ATV helmet. Put that nextdoorbuddies picture on the web and see what type of reactions you get!

NextDoorBuddies Spitshine Clean

Today’s fresh next door buddies update had these two guys going at it nice and hard, and rest assured that they did a most marvelous job of having some hard core gay sex for your viewing pleasure today everyone. Sit back and watch as they go for their nice and hot gay sex session in the living room, and see Brandon and Stephen as they get each other’s hot older male cocks nice and hard with a superb session of cock sucking today. We hope that you will not miss a single image in this scene update as you simply cannot miss seeing these two studs having a nice and relaxing ass fuck in front of the cameras. So have fun with it and we hope you’ll enjoy it everyone. Like usual we will be seeing you with some more fresh image collections next week. Don’t miss another two horny guys banging hard, in this video!

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Next Door Buddies – Poolboy’s Duties

Anthony Romero’s work as Tyler Torro’s poolboy is quite easy. Balance and sustain the correct pH ranges, keep leaves along with other things out, as well as, finish allowing to screw the hack out of him. Best of all, when they’re done, these buddies, it is simply a quick swim in the swimming pool to get cleaned up again.Cum inside and enjoy the entire next door buddies episode. Well if you liked last week’s nextdoorbuddies scene, then you will surely adore this one today everyone. You get to see two more superb studs as they get it on for you today and you get front row seats to their show today.

Tyler has found this guy quite attractive and for today he made his move to see if he can get it on with him for your enjoyment everyone. So let’s just sit back and watch them go at it in this superb and awesome gallery that’s here just for you guys to see. Sit back and watch Tyler getting to suck on the other dude’s cock and then see him sliding in his big cock to stretch out that butthole nicely with his big and rock hard cock today. Enjoy as you get to see another superb ass fucking go down today and have fun with it everyone. We will be returning with some more next week! Also you can visit the fraternity x site and watch other horny gay guys sucking each other’s cock!


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My Friend’s Hot Brother

Tyler Sweet is a teen male who knows exactly what he wants and proceeds after it. As soon as he gets to his good friend Steve’s house to spend time, he discovers Steve’s sexy brother, sexy James Huntsman, relaxing in a pair of sexy skimpy swimming shorts. James notifies Tyler that Steve has left a few hours ago to hang out down-town and light up some smokes behind the shopping mall. Tyler is annoyed and also attracted by this situation. He jumped a puffy in his pants when he observed James’s nicely oiled physique shining near the pool. When Tyler Sweet chooses to make his move and go for James’s delicious penis, he is very happy to discover that James embraces Tyler’s mouth to savor his growing dick. Watch the amazingly hunky James giving Tyler a mouthful on this steamy, garden next door buddies suck session!


The thing is that these two hot and horny hunks were going to spend the whole afternoon fucking, and you guys would get to see their whole show this fine afternoon. So sit back and watch as they take their time to enjoy one superb fuck by the poolside together. Watch as these two hot and horny hunks suck and slurp on one another’s cocks to get each other nice and hard for this fine gay sex gallery. So just enjoy the nice and hard ass fucking today that goes down between these two and enjoy. We’ll be returning next week with some more nextdoorbuddies scenes. Until then, check out some titanmen pics and see other gorgeous gay guys sucking and riding big cocks!

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Next Door Buddies – Orifice Space

Johnny Torque has a problem in his business office. Mainly is needed of an interior change, he has called his designer and close friend Nick Spartan over for a next door buddies consultation to solve the problem. Nick looks set on the wall color, motifs along with other elements of design, while Johnny is a lot more interested in a different interior: specifically, the Nick’s lovely lovely bum. Luckily for nasty and always horny Johnny, his close friend Nick is down with the plan, and therefore in no time Nick is butt out and sprawled around that desk that badly needs to be refreshed. Oh well, yet another time yet another place for nextdoorbuddies. Also you can visit the blog and watch other hot gay guys fucking!


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