Caught In The Action

Another fresh week and time for another next door buddies gallery to be showed off to you. We promised you something nice last week and here we are delivering upon it without delay. The special thing is that today you get to see another incredible foursome with some horny guys and they do their best showing off yet. You can bet that this is one scene that you just cannot ignore. We also hope that the site is now your number one place to go and check out some hot gay scenes every week with nextdoorbuddies too. But anyway, let’s get right into the action and waste no more time and let’s watch the four fucking hard all over the place!


This one is an all out fuck fest from start to finish and you just have to see it unfold everyone. Sit back and relax as you get to see the cameras roll and the four guys getting nasty sucking each other off and making sure that they are ready for the next bit. After that they take turns to fuck one another all over the place in various ways and you just have to see it go down without delay. Anyway, this is one of the best scenes we had here thus far and if you stick around and stay tuned you can see even more coming up next week as well. But for instant gratification, you can check out the past scenes too and witness even more great guys fucking hard!

Enjoy watching these guys banging one another!

Next Door Buddies – Hard Studying

Hey there guys and gals. It’s that time of the week once more and you know that that means next door buddies is back with another action packed fuck scene and two more new guys. The title of this one is pretty spot on and you’d expect to see two studs like them being serious about studies too. Well they were, but they were just so horny and in the mood that they couldn’t help themselves from taking a little break this afternoon. So anyway, let’s get to watch them in some juicy nextdoorbuddies action as well for this week’s update and you get to check out another new and passionate anal fucking session with two hot hunks here!

The studying was going down pretty great until the two started getting horny. pretty soon they mutually agreed to stop and do something about being too horny to do anything. And of course, that resulted in them getting one another naked as they kissed with a passion and got all touchy feely with each other too. And after they suck one another’s cocks and get rock hard, you can see them taking turns to take it in the ass too. They are just amazing at this whole thing and we bet that you will agree as well. Enjoy the show and see you guys and gals next week once more with another juicy and new show featuring more hot guys having sex! And we can promise you that you will just love next week’s scene too!


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Virgin Butt Buddy

We want to welcome you back today to a brand new next door buddies scene and another group of guys that gets kinky. As you can clearly see, there’s another three of them getting nasty in this one and their threesome is one that you simply must check out without delay. They were getting bored this afternoon and since they learned this this friend of theirs never got to take it in the ass, they were pretty eager to get to show him how good it feels by taking their time to fuck him anally in this nextdoorbuddies scene. So let’s sit back, relax and check out a brand new and fresh gay fuck fest with three hot and horny hunks shall we?


Well no need to worry about it as the guy was in good hands. And since it was these two friends of his, he was more than happy to get to let them play with his ass however they wanted today. And first things first, they have the guy suck their cocks to make them rock hard for the next bit. Then you can see the two guys taking turns to fuck his sexy ass too. and he ends up taking it in both ends by the end of the scene too. And also covered in jizz as they blow their loads all over him. Well, we hope that you have fun with the threesome that we show you today and we’ll be back soon enough with another new gallery for you. Just stay tuned!

Enjoy watching this guy blowing his new roommates!

What Are Friends For

Welcome back. A new next door buddies scene is here waiting for you to check it out and you will want to see this one, trust us. The two guys that get to play in it are very very good friends and it seems that they’ve been having a dry spell recently. So what better way to get to have some sex and end that than play with one another this afternoon. This also leads to one simply stunning scene with the two fucking each other nice and hard and you just need to check this one out without delay. Let’s get them nextdoorbuddies cameras rolling as you need to check this out and see the guys in some passionate action as they fuck hard today!

The scene begins with them already in the bedroom and ready to get nasty with each other too. Check them out taking their time to kiss and caress and on top of that you can also see them sucking each other off too. They are quite great at foreplay as you can see and we’re sure that they will entice you to play too. Anyway, the guys get to take turns getting to slide their cocks inside one another’s asses and you simply must watch them do so. They get to fuck all over the bed this afternoon and it’s one amazing gallery full of hot images that comes out of it too. Enjoy it and make sure that you check it out in it’s entirety here today. We’ll see you soon with more!


Take a look at these guys banging one another!

Next Door Buddies – Park Seduction

Another fresh week and time to get to see another new and juicy next door buddies scene unfold in front of your screens for this afternoon everybody. There’s a new pair of guys here wanting to get nasty and naughty with each other for you and you just need to sit back and check out the superb action. Let’s get ready to see another steamy and hot fuck session getting done in the bedroom with two passionate guys for the afternoon and you can rest assured that you will be in for one hell of a nextdoorbuddies scene here today. Well, let’s get those cameras rolling and watch them play as we bet that you are quite eager to see them in action too!


Pretty much as soon as the cameras start rolling, the two studs are going at it without delay and they start off of course with some foreplay. They get to kiss and caress one another to get ready and after the tattooed guy gets his cock sucked until it’s rock hard and ready, you can see him making sure to do a good job on the other stud’s nice and tight ass today. Watch him bend the guy over and see him fucking that nice and tight ass doggie style with a passion for the whole scene today. We bet that you’ll have fun with it and you can expect to see even more in future updates as well. Until next week we hope that you will find this to your liking!

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Next Door Buddies – Hard Poker

For this week’s nasty next door buddies scene we have another superb show to expose to you and we bet you’ll adore it. In the past you’ve gotten to see some action scenes and we know just how much you all adore them too. Here we are with this wee’s play session once more and this one features quite the juicy and nasty threesome too. The guys were playing poker and having a beer and as you can see, they started to get a bit kinky as things heated up and began to play some strip poker. Well we’re sure that we don’t need to explain how everyone got all naked and on the table in this nextdoorbuddies scene here as you can pretty much figure that one out yourselves!

Well that came started out normally. But like we said, as the trio got buzzed, they started to play strip poker and things just escalated from there. Once they were all naked, you can bet that they were going to use the time to get to play nasty with each other and they decided which one of them would be on the receiving end with the last hand. It happens to be the guy laying on his belly there so yo can sit back and watch the other two guys fucking his mouth ad ass for the rest of the afternoon today. We’ll be back soon once more with all new and all fresh scenes for you, so make sure that you stay tuned to see them all. Bye bye everyone!


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The Wedding Planner

Today’s simply incredible and hot next door buddies scene is going to leave you with your jaw dropped at the very least. The two guys that are present in this new show are simply superb at playing nasty with one another and you just have to sit back and check them out getting nasty in this week’s scene. As the title mentions, one of the guys is a wedding planner and he is the guy getting that hard cock toyed with in the preview. He gets to play around with this client of his today as he told him straight up that he kind of regrets him getting married without playing with him first for a bit in this nextdoorbuddies scene!


Well, the guy is down to play with him much to his surprise, so the two take a break from the planning to go to the bedroom and enjoy some one on one action. See that hot groom getting down of his knees and pulling down the pants of the guy to whip out his nice and big cock. Right from the start you get to see him wrap those juicy and eager lips around his meat and you can check him out sucking and slurping on his cock with a passion. And he does such a superb job that he nearly makes the guy blow a few times as well today. Well, just take your time to see the two having some nasty fun today and we’ll be back next week with more for you!

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Next Door Buddies – Testing The Limits

Hey there everyone. Welcome once again to new and juicy next door buddies getting to do the nasty for you and the cameras as usual. You know that you can always find some juicy and sensual gay fuck sessions around this place and this week’s little update sure is impressive too.The two guys that we have to show off to you this week are going at it pretty strong in this one and we can assure you that you won’t want to be missing out on their little naughty session today in the first place. With that being said, let’s get that nextdoorbuddies scene going and let’s watch some more incredibly hot and steamy gay action with these guys shall we?

When the show begins you can see that the two are also getting to play in the living room and you can bet that they aim to put that bench that’s made of leather to some good use this afternoon. First order of business, is to check out the guy that’s on the receiving end as he gets to such some pretty juicy cock for this one and get his friend nice and hard for his sexy ass. After that he gets to present his ass for the penetration and he can be seen moaning in pleasure while his buddy goes balls deep inside of him for the afternoon. Anyway, take your time to enjoy all this incredible action with the two and we’ll see you all next week once more with new content!


Enjoy watching these guys blowing one another!

My Friend Does Gay Porn

Hey there guys and welcome to a fresh, new next door buddies scene today with a brand new pair of studs. And this one is quite the story to tell too. The title is pretty spot on as there’s this guy and his buddy and today he just learned that his friend is doing gay porn. Well he wanted to see if that was true by himself and what do you know, he was speaking the truth. You get to watch the guy fucking his porn star friend in the ass for this scene and making a mess around the living room as they get to plow each other hard. Let’s not waste time and get to see those nextdoorbuddies cameras rolling and see the two at play already!


Anyway, as soon as the show begins, the guy and his friend are already getting down to nasty business with each other today. And as we mentioned the living room and that big table there is where they’d get to have their fun too. Watch the clothes come off and you can even see them getting to do some kissing and caressing before passionately sucking each other’s dicks as well. But of course, the best part is when the porn star gets to lay back on the table and let the guy fuck him balls deep in the ass as he moans. The two put on a great show for everyone to see today and we hope to see them again in future scenes. So enjoy it and come back next week!

Take a look at this guy getting his ass hammered!

Caught Cock-Handed

Next door buddies is here with the brand new and fresh gallery for the week and we can assure you that there’s plenty that you get to check out in this one. Today we have some group action going down for a change and as you can see it’s simply glorious. There’s no less than four guys getting in on the action for this afternoon and you just have to see them going at it too. The foursome was quite amazing to shoot in the first place and you can bet that it’s sizzling hot. Let’s get those cameras rolling and let’s watch some incredible nextdoorbuddies scenes here this afternoon with these four having the time of their lives, and enjoying fucking each other nice and hard for today!

As soon as they start their little action scene you can see the group of studs getting down and dirty with each other and getting ready to have some truly nasty fun. Clothes get to come off and fly in every direction and once the guys are all naked, you can check them out having some naughty fun with each other and getting prepared for the best part that happens to be the butt fucking action. And that means that you can get to see them sucking each other off to get those cocks rock hard. And after that like we said, you can check them out taking their time to fuck one another in the ass for the rest of this juicy scene here. We’ll be back next week with more!


See these jocks sucking and fucking one another!