Attention to Detail

Donny Wright has hired Cameron Foster to design his pub. Cameron is an excellent designer, and he is happy for the job, yet he took this job with an hidden motive. Knowing that this club is a gay one, Cameron figures he may be able to experience a secret fantasy. Donny senses this and makes a small move on Cameron’s leg, uncertain if Cameron will be receptive. Poor Cameron is a little nervous however something about Donny’s touch simply feels right.

Next thing you see, on the next update, is Donny on his knees and blowing Cameron off till he is hard and ready. Then, Donny asks Cameron if he would like to get ass fucked and horny Cameron is ready and willing to feel the hard cock inside him. Cameron jerks his dick as Donny screws him from the rear, shooting his thick load all over his legs. But that is not all, the two amazing you once again when Donny also lets loose with a massive load inside Cameron mouth. The two will suck and fuck on camera just for your viewing delight, so don’t even think to skip this one. Enjoy this special next nextdoorbuddies episode and many more inside!


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