Attention to Detail

Donny Wright has hired Cameron Foster to design his pub. Cameron is an excellent designer, and he is happy for the job, yet he took this job with an hidden motive. Knowing that this club is a gay one, Cameron figures he may be able to experience a secret fantasy. Donny senses this and makes a small move on Cameron’s leg, uncertain if Cameron will be receptive. Poor Cameron is a little nervous however something about Donny’s touch simply feels right.

Next thing you see, on the next update, is Donny on his knees and blowing Cameron off till he is hard and ready. Then, Donny asks Cameron if he would like to get ass fucked and horny Cameron is ready and willing to feel the hard cock inside him. Cameron jerks his dick as Donny screws him from the rear, shooting his thick load all over his legs. But that is not all, the two amazing you once again when Donny also lets loose with a massive load inside Cameron mouth. The two will suck and fuck on camera just for your viewing delight, so don’t even think to skip this one. Enjoy this special next nextdoorbuddies episode and many more inside!


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Jail Rail

Hello there, everyone! Johnny Torque have been in our next door buddies videos before. Exposing his appetite for fresh asses in front of the camera has become a kind of a regular job for him. For today’s episode, he brings Lance Alexander to help him and to make some fast money. Lance is obviously out of his comfort zone. Lucky for us, we have Johnny here who knows exactly what to do by taking the lead of the action by showing his tool inside Lance’s mouth forcing him to suck on it. Next Johnny gets on his knees and returns the favor on Lance. Watch the entire scene back on our website.


You will see that some surprises will be there for you as Lance, getting more excited, will bend over and will allow Johnny to shove his dick inside. Johnny goes slowly initially, however can’t help himself and starts pumping harder and harder with every stroke, until a nice load is ready to expose from his throbbing cock. Watch him jumping up and spraying all that nasty cum all over his buddy’s cute face. Like always, enjoy, everyone! Stay tuned for fresh content and also check here for Connor and Kevin enjoying this amazing fucking on that bike.

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Next Door Buddies – Feel The Heat

Another great week and we are back with something amazing for you next door buddies fans. This fresh episode puts together a couple of teen guys, working together outdoor on a hot, sunny afternoon. The two will expose those amazing bodies, bragging around with the perfect shapes and for you, guys, will take off their clothes, exposing their asses as well and two throbbing hard cocks. I’m sure you will enjoy that part.

When taking a break Brody asks Campbell if he ever fool around with other men and Campbell casually informs Brody that he, actually, has. Without any more doubt, Brody starts massaging his friend’s genitals and in no time Brody has his eager mouth around Campbell’s swollen member. After some deepthroat sucking and nice jerking, Campbell returns the favor by swallowing Brody’s fat cock. Although the Summer temperature is a killer, this feels way to good to slow down! The two will screw each other until each one has his creamy cum on the other’s skin. Watch dribble of nasty jizz running down their round firm ass or the chin. Like always, cum inside for the entire episode.

next door buddies fucking on hot afternoon

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Loser Gets It!

Hello, my friends, once again! Everybody knows how fun card games are, between the next door buddies. However Taylor Aims will find just how thrilling really is to lose on cards to his old friends Jonny, Jeremy and Dylan. The friendly gamble was: whoever lost would get ass fucked and Taylor’s pals waste no time sticking their cocks into every possible hole he has to offer.

Taylor Aims clearly knows how to take a cock and his friends take him over the speed limit in this episode. Cum inside nextdoorbuddies and see him taking a beautiful cosmetic from three big loads. The guys will go on camera for you, so grab a seat and enjoy them shoving their cocks into each other mouth. There was no chance for them to follow the rules as each one got very excited watching the other how they shoved their cocks into some hole or how they took some cock into some hole. Everything went perfect as the guys got each other a piece of hard tool into their mouth and ass and also got to shove the hard tool into something. And for the great finale, they prepared to you a rain of cum load. Enjoy!

next door buddies engaged in a crazy orgy

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Christian Wilde and Jimmy Clay

Another great day and we are back with this amazing next door buddies gay scene for you. A few days ago, during a BBQ party which we were hosting, Jimmy Clay snuck off somewhere to relieve some stress, and by stress, we mean semen. Lucky for you, we caught every moment on camera, so make yourself comfortable and get ready for some real action.

As Jimmy Clay was in the middle of stroking, teen buddies Christian Wilde appears, in search of his buddy. As soon as Christian understands what Jimmy is about to do, he goes inside takes his buddy’s dick and starts sucking him. The boy has some skills and it would be such a pity to keep them hidden. After some sucking, groaning and moaning, these studs blow their jizz loads all over the ripped abs. I’m sure the two will make a god company for you, so without further due, sit back there and let them entertain you. I’m sure this is exactly what you were looking for: ripped good looking guys, amazing blowing skills, hard big cocks, creamy semen on the abs. It’s exactly what you need for a night like this. I assure you that you won’t be disappointed by their nextdoorbuddies performing. Enjoy!


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Parker London & Trent Locke

Hi there! Parker London is going up fast on the ranks and today he’s meeting with hunk Trent Locke. Following a hard day at work, Parker has chose to relieve some of Trent’s tension. He starts the action by passionately kissing him and also massaging his chest. These horny dudes are ready for some hard fucking however Parker is the one that’s willing to get bent over and have his ass plowed.
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As you will see, these two are making one amazing couple. Fitting perfectly in each other, the two hunks will take care of each other’s cock and we will give you the entire scene for enjoying. Parker has some amazing blowing skills and loves to get his ass stretched. Trent, instead, likes to shove his cock into some holes and that is exactly what they are going to do this time: Parker will brag around with his sucking skills, wrapping those juicy lips around Trent’s cock, going up and down, licking it all the way to the balls and getting his throat gagged. After a couple of moments, the will bend down and will spread hiss buttocks with the palms, waiting for Trent’s cock to stretch that hole. Cum inside and see how everything ended and also check here and enjoying another amazing couple testing their limits on camera.

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Northern Exposure

Come inside and feel the lovely Canadian country side! You will get together with locals, Max Chevalier and his partner Marko Lebeau while they hang by the pool. Max is simply coming over to Marko’s house to give him a taste of his extra fat dick and Marko is eager to put his lips around Max’s hard tool. Next, he is having a few lickings on Marko’s sensitive ass, making it ready for what is next.

You do not wanna miss this fresh next door buddies episode where muscle hunk Max pounds Marko’s hole under the warm sky. Just grab a seat there and watch these two trying some things for the first time, bending and letting the cocks going deep inside their eager holes, then taking all the cum they can get. Sit back there and see how the two are sucking on each other’s cock. I cannot decide which one is better: Max because knows how to deepthroat properly or Marko because he will tease the cock with some hot twirling and sucking on the balls. Just take a look and decide it for yourself. Also stay tuned as the boys will be back next week for fresh content. Enjoy!

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The Best Buddies

Hello there and welcome back to nextdoorbuddies! Recently Joey has been very anti-social for Coach Castillo’s team. He refuses to perform nice with his next door buddies. Coach Vinny had enough of Joey’s bad attitude and once Joey tells Coach Castillo that the mainly reason he joined his team was to meat guys, he sees an opportunity to placate and punish Joey. I’m sure you can imagine what came next. If not, grab a seat and watch them in action.

So the coach will take that hard cock into his hand thru the pants and will ask Joey if he would like to try some of that also. The boy is more than trilled, but he has no idea what’s about to happen to him. the coach will show no mercy for his throat, shoving his whole ft cock into his virgin mouth. Then the ass will be stretched to maximum, going balls deep inside just for your viewing delight. Cum inside and enjoy the hard action between these two: a sexy, good looking college guy and a big, muscle, fat dicked hunk. They will be the perfect company for you tonight. Just enjoy them right now, no more chit-chat!


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Next Door Buddies – Gay Orgy

Hi there! This is one of the hottest night as our hunksare back and they are ready to give you some wet dreams for  couple of days with this fresh next door buddies scene they have brought. After some nice scenes, but it is time for some hardcore action. Four of our good looking guys joined one gay gang bang and I’m sure you don’t want to miss their amazing fucking. Just sit back there and watch them getting their throats gagged and their asses stretched. No more chit-chat, just watch them in action.


As you can see, the hunks truly knows how to enjoy an amazing gay fuck. They will spread the lips and buttocks for some hard tools tonight and you just got front row seta to that show. Just sit back there and watch them in action. For sure they will enjoy to give you a nice boner and that is exactly what is going to happen, especially when one of them will have both of his ends penetrated and the other one will get his cock sucked and his ass fucked at the same time. Cum inside and see how everything ended. Also, check here this slutty blonde swallowing all the jizz he gets. This orgy is going to make you want more, so stay tuned!

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Welcome To The Neighborhood

Hi there and welcome! Here we are bringing you this amazing next door buddies scene starring two of our best guys. These hunks will rip their asses for you and for their delight, of course. I’m sure you will enjoy watching them stretching their holes for you and taking those fine hard cocks between their lips, sucking and slurping on them like there’s no tomorrow.


Well, The two are making the perfect company for you tonight, so let’s grab a seat and let’s see how everything started. You will see that one of them will drop his knees as the cameras start to roll. The other one will pull out that cock pretty fast and will grip his new buddy’s hair, shoving his tool into that talented mouth. You will see in a couple of moments why I am calling that a talented mouth. The man truly knows how to use his tongue and his mouth. After he got the cock hard and wet enough, he will hop on top and will stretch his butthole with that dick. That is really big and out man will moan loudly when it slides inside. Do not miss that moment. Just cum inside and enjoy the whole nextdoorbuddies scene! Have fun!

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